Zedd Closing Out Global Dance Festival: Red Rocks

cropped-img_11881.jpgOne of my favorite shots of the weekend; Red Rocks is an epically beautiful venue – and Zedd played one hell of a finale.


Get Your Woogie On

Lightning in a BottleLightning in a Bottle is my FAVORITE festival – and though I don’t frequent the Woogie, they know how to keep the party bumpin’

Slow Magic at The Roxy

Last month, Slow Magic – a live electronic act with a flashing neon face mask – came to Los Angeles to play a show at The Roxy for The Do Lab.  If you didn’t know – they’re the magic makers and rump shakers behind Lightning in a Bottle, my favorite festival. Pretty much any time I get the chance to shoot or work with them, I take it because I love their go-get it attitude, or as I put it – their Do Lab-ness; it’s not called the Maybe Lab, ya heard? =)

Anyhow – got some snaps and I dig how they turned out; enjoy!

IMG_5916DannyDannyDanny IMG_5924DannyDannyDanny IMG_5957DannyDannyDanny IMG_5964DannyDannyDanny